Pronouncing the trickiest names in fashion!

We read the names and know and love the clothes. But can we pronounce all of the names of our favourite labels? Because fashion is an international thing, there are often some names in the fashion industry that look odd to us. Hopefully if you’ve ever been confused about how to pronounce the name of a designer or label then your problems will be solved after reading this little guide which will teach you how to pronounce some of the trickiest names in fashion! If I’ve missed any out and you’d like to add to this list, please leave a comment on this post!
Andrew Gn = Andrew jen
Ann Demeulemeester = ann de-moo-le-mee-stir
Azzedine Alaia = az-a-dean a-lie-ya
Balmain = bal-ma (“ma” as in “magic” rather than “march”)
Burberry Prorsum = bur-berry p-roar-sum
Charles Anastase = charles anna-stars

Christian Lacroix = chris-tee-an la-kwa

Comptoirs des Cottoniers = con-twar day cot-on-yay
Eley Kishimoto = eel-ee kish-ee-mow-toe
Falke = fall-ka
Giambattista Valli = gee-yam-bat-easter var-lee
Gianfranco Ferre = gee-anne-fran-ko fair-er
Giuseppe Zanotti = ji-sep-ee za-not-ee
Hermes = er-mez

Herve Leger = her-vay lej-air

Hussein Chalayan = who-said sha-lie-on

Jean Charles de Castelbajac = je-on sh-arl de cass-tell-bar-yak

Loewe = low-ev-aye

Maison Martin Margiela = may-son mar-tan mar-gel-a

Marchesa = mar-key-sa

Narciso Rodriguez = nar-see-sow rod-re-gez
Ohne Titel = own-er tee-tal

Proenza Schouler = pro-n-sa shoe-ler

Ralph Lauren = Like the name Lauren (which rhymes with ‘foreign’), rather than ‘le-ron’, if you know what I mean!
Roksanda Illincic = rock-sand-der ill-in-ch-itch
Salvatore Ferregamo = sal-va-tor-ray fer-ray-gah-mo
Thierry Mugler = tea-air-ee moo-glay

Yves Saint Laurent = eve-san-lor-ron

I compiled most of this list myself, but I did consult the rest of the internet when it came to the really tricky names that I had no idea how to pronounce myself!

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  1. Fashion Show says:

    The styles are pure fashion innovation and the name pays homage to their Tennessee roots. Fashion Show

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