I would show you some pre-fall stuff, but…

WordPress is being stupid and won’t let me upload pictures.

So stay tuned.

I’m so angry right now.

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The Lust List: 28/11/10 – Party Heels

1. Statement shoes

Emilio Pucci, £880 – Charlotte Olympia, £790 – Guiseppe Zanotti for Christopher Kane, £1,525

2. Be classy in classics

Christian Louboutin, £375 – Alexander McQueen, £525 – Rupert Sanderson, £355

3. Stun them with something sparkly

Diane Von Furstenberg, £228 – Brian Atwood, £1,430 – Christian Louboutin, £1,250

4. Look pretty in patent

YSL, £720 – Christian Louboutin, £465 – Jimmy Choo, £550

6. Don a lower heel for dancing

Jimmy Choo, £650 – Giuseppe Zanotti, £330 – Gucci, £545

Sorry for the presentation of this post! I can’t seem to get the headings in the same colour and the same font size! It is very frustrating, but I have given up after editing this post at least 20 times all to no avail!

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The Lust List: 21/11/10 – Party Dresses Under £155 Speicial

‘cos I promised.  It was going to be a High Street Party Dresses Special, but I renamed it to Party Dresses Under £150 special because, although these are mostly from the high street shops that we know and love, I’ve thrown in some vintage pieces, too, and some designer finds from the heavenly online destination that is The Outnet. Enjoy!

Topshop, £120 , Kate Moss for Topshop, £130/Warehouse, £120, Oasis, £60 /Rokit, £65, Lipsy, £55/All Saints, £135 , French Connection, £130/Walter (at The Outnet), £80, Pringle 1815 (at The Outnet), £87.50/Preen Line (at The Outnet), £145, Hobbs, £89.40 (currently 40% off)/Hobbs Outlet, £104.25, Vaudeville & Burlesque at Urban Outfitters, £99/t.b.a at Urban Outfitters, £155,  Oli, £40
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I don’t think I have ever created a post about jewellery, which seems a bit odd considering the fact that I am such a fan of the stuff. I think of jewellery as a very personal thing. Every piece of jewellery that I wear tells a story so if anyone asks me where I got my bracelet/ring/necklace from, I am able to tell them exactly when I got it, who it was from, and what the story behind it is. So I have cheap bracelets that my friends have bought for me from various destinations all over the world, as well as more high-end pieces- like the YSL Arty Oval ring from my parents- and vintage pieces from my mother’s jewellery box, and more sentimental pieces, like a necklace from my grandmother and a bracelet from my boyfriend. I’m not the kind of person who goes out and buys her own jewellery. I have brought bits and bobs from Topshop in the past, just to throw on for a night out, but all of the pieces that I wear constantly have some sort of sentimental value… some sort of memories hidden beneath them.
Having said that, I don’t think I’ll go for the rest of my life without buying expensive jewellery for myself. At the moment, I am basically skint so I need people to buy everything for me (not only jewellery, but basic things like train tickets, food, new tights and drinks et cetera), but when I am older and I am obviously going to be filthy rich, I shall be able to indulge myself from time to time.
So, here is my jewellery wish list, if you like. I’m kind of hoping that Danilo or my parents/grandparents will see this and then will buy me something featured here for Christmas.

Iosselliani, Iosselliani / Nikki Montoya, Akong London / Eclectic Shock / Maria Zureta
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Pretty in Pleats

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always associated pleated skirts with school uniform. I’ve always had a penchant for them, though (school uniform not so much), so I was pleased to see that the SS’11 runways were awash with pleated styles.

Par exemple…

Hannah McGibbon opted for below-the-knee, light-as-a-feather pleated skirts at Chloé.

Things were similarly neutral but shorter and less floaty at the wonderful Karen Walker show.

So, the fashion world loves pleats. We love pleats here at Innocuous Whispers, and so should you.

And here is the good thing: you don’t have to wait until the Spring/Summer collections hit the shops, nor do you necessarily have to blow the budget by buying something designer. You see, it turns out that pleats have a timeless appeal, and I don’t just mean for the people who make decisions on school uniforms, whoever they may be. Oh no, you can buy pleats NOW. Be prepared for the warmer seasons. Or just put your middle finger up at the warmer seasons and wear your new pleated skirt with tights.

Topshop Boutique, £50 – Topshop, £45 – BDG @ Urban Outfitters, £45
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The Lust List: 07/11/10 – Designer Party Dresses Special

Christmas will soon be upon us and those of us who like socialising during the festive season (or, indeed, just looking pretty) will no doubt be in need of a dress or two. Preferably a sparkly one. Perhaps you should indulge yourself by buying one of these designer gems. Think of it as a smart investment.

3.1 Phillip Lim, £945, Erdem, £500, Versace, £5,260, Valentino, £3,825, Versus, £1,690, Peter Pilotto, £795, Sandro, £255, Diane von Furstenberg, £345, D&G, £1,490, Anna Sui, £555, Antik Batik, £375, Temperley London, £545, Marchesa, £2,400, Notte by Marchesa, £590, Milly, £680, Ashish, £1,025, Matthew Williamson, £1,895, Balmain, £7,355
I’ll do a high street party dresses special next week!
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Ice Queen

Looks from the Chanel Autumn/Winter RTW show

The fact that white looks good in the winter isn’t exactly breaking fashion news, but nevertheless I would like to talk about ‘winter whites’ for a while because I simply love this look. And everybody else seems to do, too. Eva Longoria-Parker looked beautiful in white Chanel FW RTW on the cover of Tatler’s November issue, and Emma Watson looked oh-so-cool in white Valentino Haute Couture. At this point I might tell you about the cover of December Elle, but unfortunately I have not yet received it as the issue has been delayed to to an embargo (ooh er).
Anyway, this season almost everybody is jumping onto the minimalism bandwagon. What is more fitting to this trend than a plain, white, long-sleeved, fuss-free shift dress? As we all know, white is such a pure- clean, if you like- colour. Perfect, then, for a somewhat stripped-down look.

It was only last year when I was told by an American friend that some people see wearing white in the winter as a taboo because, apparently, one shouldn’t wear white after Labour Day (sorry, Labor Day). I don’t believe that many Americans- fashion-forward ones, at least- adhere to this rule nowadays, though. Good for them! What’s wrong with wearing white in the winter, though? I did a bit of Googling this afternoon and one of the conclusions for this bizarre no-white-after-Labour-Day idea is the issue of temperature. Fine if they’re talking about wearing a white t-shirt in the cold weather. But what if you’ve adopted a Chanel white faux-fur coat? How is that not going to keep you warm?

That brings me on to say that an important thing to consider when wearing white in the winter is texture. Think about the fabric and how it feels and looks. White fur, in various forms, graced the likes of the Balmain and Isabel Marant catwalks. You can’t deny that it looks good. However, my advice is to opt for a white faux-fur coat that doesn’t give the perennially undesirable yeti look (it only really works on Chanel models and actual yetis- let’s face it).

So, how do you wear white in the winter? I cannot stress further how much I like white fur coats. So that’s one idea; a versatile one, too, when you think of all the different things you can pair a white coat with. Or why not take a long sleeved, well-cut Gucci dress (which is a more ‘winter white’ kind of white… think less bright, more cream, still as chic)? Or how about one of my favourite ways to wear white this winter: on your legs? And I’m not just talking about white trousers (though I’d have those Isabel Marant ones any day)- I’m talking about white tights, which were shown in the majority of the looks at Chanel. You can wear white tights with anything, really, and they will look good. However, I have a penchant for the all-over-white look: white dress, white tights, white heels. If you can pull it off, then go for it. White will go with other colours, too. Black and white has a classic, timeless appeal. Hermes and Balenciaga showed us that white also looks good with the season’s camel/beige-y colours, too, and Balmain tried to sell us the idea of teaming white with gold (gold sequins, nonetheless), and it sort of worked. The last 13 looks at Chanel were almost entirely white, but earlier three gorgeous jumper dresses- in white and divine icy blue- were shown on the catwalk and they were as cool as the glacial setting of the show itself. And I’m just giving you a few examples of how white was shown on the catwalk. Do some research yourself and you will find that many other designers clicked with white’s never-ending charm and used the colour in many different ways this season.

Autumn/Winter 2010 RTW shows, from top, left to right- Balmain, Isabel Marant, Balenciaga, Calvin Klein, Rodarte, Reed Krakoff, Gucci, Hermes, Valentino.
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The Lust List: 23/10/10

Topshop, £95

Kimchi & Blue at Urban Outfitters, £65

Links of London, £125 

Christopher Kane, £2,225

Brian Atwood, £1,430

Toast, £39

Paul Smith, £175

Sugarhill Boutique, £35
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The Lust List: 16/10/10

Christopher Kane, £635

Hussein Chalayan, £330

Kolor, £475

Topshop, £60
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A belated LFW post

These were, in my opinion, the best of the best LFW shows. I still want to show you some Christopher Kane and Meadam Kirchoff, but for some reason WordPress won’t let me include pictures from those shows. I’m planning to do a LFW Top 10- in which Kane and Kirchoff shall be included- so stay tuned.

David Koma

Jonathan Saunders

Richard Nicholl

Mary Katrantzou

Vivienne Westwood Red Label

Peter Pilotto

Michael van de Ham



Holly Fulton
Marios Schwab
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