Sunday snippet: Summer nail polish

It felt fitting to create a Sunday snippet concerning nail polish as, at the moment on this blog, I seem unable to refrain from discussing all things nail-related.

Clockwise from top left: Union Street by Nails Inc, That’s All Bright With Me by OPI, Mint Candy Apple by Essie, Feeling Blue by Models Own, Do You Lilac It by OPI, 103- Neon Orange by Stargazer, Seven Dials by Nails Inc, Martini by Nubar, Plastic Fantastic by Ciate, Shocking Pink by Barry M and Lilac Pastelle by Revlon.
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Blonde hair and dark eyebrows: yay or nay?

Here’s something that many blonde virgins (those who are brunettes and are new to dying their hair blonde, that is, not, er, virgins who are blonde) like myself ponder over: is it OK to have blonde hair and dark eyebrows? Trawl the internet and you will find mixed responses to this question. Some people hate the look and some people think it’s fabulous. I am in the latter camp because, really, who wants to have eyebrows that identically match their hair? No-one? Oh, I thought so. Girls, it’s time to stop over-obsessing about minor details.

Let’s play a short game. TRUE OR FALSE?
1) Natural blondes don’t have dark eyebrows.
FALSE – OK, it’s true that most natural blondes don’t have really dark eyebrows. However, your eyebrows aren’t supposed to match your hair. They should be darker. I have a couple of friends who both have naturally blonde hair (although it is medium-blonde rather than a bright, light blonde) naturally dark eyebrows. It doesn’t look bad! It’s fine. If it’s natural, then there can’t be anything bad about it, right?
2) Blonde hair and dark eyebrows looks bad.
FALSE – Having blonde hair and dark eyebrows is not a bad look. Just look at Marilyn Monroe- she was considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful women and she rocked dark eyebrows, even with her bright blonde, almost white hair.

Sienna, Agyness, Scarlett and Emma- to name a few- can pull it off. I wonder if the same could be said if they all weren’t so beautiful!

A very important point to note: avoid eyebrow bleaching like the plague. OK, yes, sure, it can be done. And it can look good. But, as with most that one tries, there is the element of unknown; one doesn’t know what the results are going to be until the operation has been carried out. You could hate how your eyebrows look. You could have a bad reaction. You could waste your time and money. You don’t want to look completely fake, do you, with dyed hair and dyed eyebrows? A girl from my school tried to lighten her eyebrows last year. Her eyebrows fell off and the skin around them was all inflamed for a few days. L O V E L Y. My skin is so sensitive that I fear that that would happen to me. I also say a huge no to even the thought of tweezing out my eyebrows in their entirety and then drawing them on. That is not a good look. Why would anyone draw their eyebrows on if their normal eyebrows were fine?

I think that if you’re worried about having blonde hair and dark eyebrows, you shouldn’t bleach them or remove them and draw them on, or not dye your hair blonde. Instead, what about tweezing your eyebrows so they are thinner and therefore less noticeable? One of the friends that I mentioned with the naturally blonde hair and dark eyebrows swears by said beauty rule; she always has thin eyebrows and one doesn’t really object to them on seeing them… they look fine. They look good, edgy, young, cool, fabulous, chic. Don’t let the colour of your eyebrows dictate the colour of your hair!

If it’s good enough for the impeccible tastes behind Vogue, then it’s good enough for we mere mortals.

We need to consider why some of us can’t quite comprehend this look. Perhaps we should blame the media’s- particularly the fashion/celebrity media’s- constant strive for perfection. There still seem to be beauty ideals that we all want (or perhaps feel we ought) to live up to; to be a woman with pretty eyes, high cheekbones, a “perfectly sized” forehead, a small nose, sexy lips, perfect skin and a toned, fit body is a distant dream for most of us. But it’s still a dream. We still want it. We think that things have to be in proportion, that things have to match, in order to look good- hence our desire to have eyebrows that match the colour of the hair on our heads, perhaps? Or perhaps it’s not about being all in proportion and being matchy-matchy when it comes to our appearances; perhaps it’s just because so many women we see with blonde hair have similarly fair eyebrows, and after seeing them it is admittedly hard not to choose to look the same as them.

I still don’t think that “modern beauty” is about perfection, though, about all looking the same. I think that “modern beauty” is about breaking down barriers and accepting that we weren’t born to be clones of one another.

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Just so you should know

I’m going on holiday on Monday for two weeks. I don’t want to neglect this blog- I am making attempts now to keep it active for as long as possible- so if I find the time I might make some posts before I go and then schedule them so they’ll automatically post at different times while I’m away. Just so the blog isn’t inactive for a fortnight.
Yay for my great ideas and forward thinking!

Also, there is now a guestbook for you to write any general comments about my blog in; you can find it at the top of the page. Hopefully I won’t get as much spam there but if people do leave spam then I shall delete it.

For those of you who also have fashion blogs, please feel free to leave a link to your own blog in the guestbook. I’ll check out your blog, I promise, if you leave a URL!

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My favourite looks from Christopher Kane Resort 2011

I love Christopher Kane. I have loved every collection that he has produced. I knew he was going to be great ever since I saw that SS07 neon bodycon dress plastered over the pages of all the glossy fashion magazines. From then on, Kane has won over my heart with the scalloped dresses and velvet dresses and sequin dresses and gingham thigh-split dresses and flower-embroidered leather dresses. And now he’s made me fall in love with him further with beautiful cosmic print dresses that excite the geeky side of me immensely. Last year’s resort collection from Kane made me fall in love with the wonderful bomb motifs, but now I’ve seen the nebulae prints I’m not looking back. This is a really beautiful collection which I am enthralled by and would love to have it in my wardrobe in its entirety. I love the way the dreamy prints contast with the leather which, being black, is harsh in a good way. And have you seen the shoes? Maribou trims? Now that excites the childish side of me. Kane knows what makes me tick, clearly.
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Hello lovers,
I would just like to begin by saying a big thank you to those of you who actually took the time and effort to write me e-mails, complimenting my blog! It’s really nice to know that some people are actually reading this blog and like it. One particularly nice e-mail came from somebody called Sasha (a gorgeous name, might I add, which conjures up images of the Sasha dolls that I used to dress up when I was younger), who asked me why I didn’t enable comments on my posts. Well, there is a one word answer to this question and this is it: SPAM. I don’t know if it’s just my blog that gets a lot of spam comments, or whether it’s a common problem, but it really pisses me off when I get excited that I have a new comment, and then I look at it and it’s just spam from somebody who didn’t actually read my blog before leaving their shitty comment. So, to avoid further frustration, comments are disabled. Sorry! I know there’s no easy way for you guys to leave me feedback now, though, so that’s a pain. If you really want to tell me something, send me an e-mail! My e-mail address is
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As Promised: Photographs of Multi-Coloured Nails

Multi-coloured nails worn by some American nobody whom I do not know or care about.

This is a better quality picture, which I stole from

Pixie Lott may be a bad singer who is just the same as everybody else, but she gets the multi-coloured nail look just right.

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Painting your nails doesn’t cure insomnia. It just gives you a headache.

I went to bed just before 11pm. It’s now 12.57am and I haven’t been able to get to sleep yet, hence my presence this evening, no, wait, this morning. About 25 minutes ago, I reached the point at which I am in despair- so desperately wanting to go to sleep and becoming increasingly frustrated at my incapability to do what should be a natural thing- but I am so sick of tossing and turning and letting my blood pressure increase, so sick of trying to drift off to a nicer place, that I feel I must do something else to take my mind off the fact that I am unable to sleep even when I’m tired, proving my hopelessness. So I turned on the wall lamp above my bed and picked up a book. Because a book will calm me and help me fall asleep, right? Yes. Unless, of course, the book is entitled Middlemarch. I love Middlemarch, but it’s not good reading for insomniacs, it seems… or at least it’s not good reading for me when I’m an insomniac, because my brain has shrivelled up and I can’t remember anything that has previously happened in the novel, so as I read it in a frustrated, tired state, I become even more frustrated because I can’t keep up with the story and have no idea what is going on.
So Middlemarch was thrown to the floor. It will be picked up again later on, after I’ve slept and my memory and tolerance levels hve been replenished. I needed some un-intellectually stimulating to occupy me. I noticed my bottle of Particuliere on the floor and decided I was going to use it. I sat on the floor, grabbing my nail polish bag, and started painting my nails. I was going to just put Particuliere on and then a clear, glossy top coat, but I suddenly felt 10 years old again and chose 5 different colours: muddy brown (Chanel), mint green (Revlon), lavender (Revlon), pale pink (Clarins) and orange (Stargazer). One colour for each nail. Then I used the same colours on my left hand, but I put the colours in different places because, as a general rule, I don’t like things to match. I applied a second coat for a deeper colour. Then it dried and I was bored and frustrated again, at a loss over what to do next besides from p***ing myself off more by trying and failing to get to sleep. I found a cheap, sparkly red nail polish which I purchased in Boyes last month for about £1.40. It’s very thin and liquidy (justifies the price, then) so I only used it once and then stuffed in it at the bottom of my nail polish bag. I had a brainwave: I would put little red, glittery circles onto the middle of each nail for extra drama. Then it dried and it looked amateurish and I was bored and frustrated again.
I don’t really know where this post is going, but what I do know is that I want to ask you this: why use one nail colour when you can use five?
Because my laptop is officially f***** I am using the WordPress app on my phone at the moment, so I can’t upload pictures, to use as examples of the 5-colour nail look, but when I get back to a computer I will post some examples for you. I would take a photo of my own nails and post it right now, but until my hands stop being such a weird shape and my nails stop being bitten and scruffy, I will refrain from photographing my ugly mitts.
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Take a Look(let) at This

… I just keep coming out with these hilarious lines today. What can I say? I’m a genius.
Anyway, I wanted to tell you all about a fun website I’ve discovered that will undoubtedly pull in hoards of fashion-lovers over time. It’s called Looklet and it a bit like Polyvore (in that it lets you create many dreamy outfits), but here is the fun bit: you put the clothes on a model. No, it’s not similar to one of those crappy dress-up doll games for 6 year olds, with cartoon clothes and models. The models look lifelike, and there are a wide range to choose from (although they all have the same svelte figure, which I find fault with as some outfits need girls with big boobs to fill them out, and some outfits need girls with no curves. And some people who sign up for Looklet might want to put an outfit on a plus-sized woman instead of one of model proportions), and you can tweak their hair and make-up a bit, which is fun.
It’s really good, though, to see what clothes from the internet look like on a real model. Unlike Polyvore, you cannot “clip” clothes yourself and them use them on the site, but there is a wide range of clothes (that are all available to buy online, I believe) to use so one can’t really complain.
After putting a look together, and viewing it from different angles if you wish, you give a title to the look and then it goes through the “shooting” process. I think the idea is that you are styling a model for a fashion shoot, to be published in a magazine, so when you save your look it “shoots” alternate angles and then neatly gives credit to all of the items you’ve used in the top corner. The finished product, indeed, looks like a page from a shoot featured in Vogue. Much better than Polyvore because everything looks realistic!
Here are some of my looks:

I’ve not created many looks yet because the broadband at my house is very poor at the moment (we’re getting it from BT soon, though, hurrah) and consequently Looklet takes a-g-e-s to load and I lose patience with it. Bloody internet.
I want to see all of you on Looklet, too! Befriend me on Looklet! You can view my page here:
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D&G RTW SS 2000

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