It is at times like this when I wish that a) My parents hadn’t decided to leave London, and b) I didn’t have to go to college. London Fashion Week is here and I am not in London and, even if I were able to get to London I wouldn’t be able to go because I can’t skive college anymore. I’ve already jetted off to Paris and missed 4 days of college, putting me in prime position for abuse from all of the staff, who are kicking me while I’m down, as such, by giving me tons of homework and dirty looks when I pass them in the corridor. So I have to be good- at least for a while- meaning that I cannot miss any days of college and I cannot miss any deadlines. I have even, out of guilt, signed up for a plethora of extra-curricular activities so I can redeem my good girl status.So, despite the heartache that it causes me, I cannot catch the train à Londres to watch models sashaying down the catwalk. What is even more annoying is that one of my friends, who lives in Kensington, is going to soak up LFW goodness tomorrow with one of her friends and she has a spare ticket. She asked me if I wanted to go with her and I had to decline. Tomorrow she has a date with the likes of Giles, Christopher Kane and Erdem and I have at date with, well, a big fat Latin translation, a transcription and some irregular French verbs. You can probably guess that I’m not thrilled.
I have resorted to Style.com and various other online fashion sanctuaries to keep me up to date with all of the latest from London Fashion Week. Here are some of my favourite looks:

Charles Anastase

House of Holland



Louise Gray

Sass & Bide
I will look at some of the shows above in more depth but I don’t have the time to do it right now. I’m really excited about seeing tomorrow’s shows- particularly from my beloved Christopher Kane and Erdem- so until then, adieu. Please stay tuned, though, as I also want to discuss Felder Felder, BodyAmr and Hannah Marshall, which were other favourites of mine!
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Pretty eyes at Chanel

It was all about the eyes. Peter Philips, the Global Creative Director of Chanel make-up, said, “I recreated a paint, print texture that Karl Lagerfeld used on some of the handbags and shoes for this fall/winter RTW show” (source: talkingmakeup.com). Lots of Chanel’s Le Crayon Kohl Intense Eye Pencil was used, in classic black and also in clair, which is a new shade for this season. The skin was left as a flawless, porcelein base and the lips were au naturel to focus one’s eyes on, er, the eyes. I really like this look but, alas, I don’t think I could get away with wearing it in the real world, where lithe-limbed, leggy beauties and floaty frocks aren’t really in abundance.
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My FW 2010 RTW favourites: Basso & Brooke

You probably saw it coming: the point at which I remind you all- one again- that I am all for prints. Prints excite me, blah blah blah, you already know that. It will probably not come as a surprise, then, that the main reason that I am writing a post dedicated to Basso & Brooke’s latest collection is that I loved the prints. I always love Basso & Brooke prints.  This wasn’t the most groundbreaking of collections, but what it did provide was a very welcome burst of colour and pattern.

One of my favourite pieces was a parka, but of course it was no ordinary parka. Forget a fur-trimmed hood and dull khaki shades- this parka had a fur collar and wowed me with its crazy, colourful all-over print. So cool. There was also the it item of lust that almost every fashion house worth its salt showed this season- a camel coat- which at Basso & Brooke was a rather simplistic, collarless number. The said coat was one of the few solid pieces featured in the show, which I thought were a nice antithehis to the abundance of prints… there should have been more solid pieces, in my opinion, to balance out the collection more. The ongoing theme within this collection was to take simple pieces and to jazz them up with prints so they were more desirable. And guess what? It worked. I would be much more inclined to buy a wonderful printed shift dress from this collection than I would be to buy a plain shift dress from an equally desirable label.

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My Fall 2010 RTW favourites: Giambattista Valli

I loved Giambattista Valli AW ’10! The clothes were sophisticated and marvellous. The models were perfect, with fuss-free up-dos, perfect figures (well, obviously) and great, heavy black eye make-up paired with flawless skin. Everything was perfect, really.

It was the outerwear that did it for me. The opening look was, like many other opening looks this season, a camel coat. Instantly, I was hooked in. And then- just when I thought it couldn’t get any better- Frida Gustavsson emerged wearing the 6th look; a camel coat with a similarly cocoon-esque shape, but this time with a funnel neck and short sleeves, leaving the arms bare. It looked lovely the way it was shown, with Frida placing her hands in the deep pockets, revealing a bit of bare arm. Not the most practical of coats for the winter, perhaps, but one could still wear long gloves or, indeed, just long sleeves to solve this slight sartorial issue. There were also some lovely white coats in appealing fabrics, because who doesn’t like a bit of winter white?

Sheer black tights were worn throughout, reiterating Valli’s AW 2010 ideals: simple, clean, chic, sophisticated and feminine. Oh yes, this collection was feminine. Quite a few sheer pieces were paraded down the runway. I feel I must refer to another of my favourite looks here: a sheer white spotted top with a black bra underneath. Teamed with a solid black beaded/ruffled skirt, black tights, kitten heels and a pink belt, it looked grown-up and chic with a very subtle hint of naughtiness. The idea wasn’t sexiness. It was femininity. There was a bit of knicker-flashing going on as well, again put together perfectly in the form of excuisitely detailed dresses with white tops and black skirts with sheer panels around the knicker area. Again, tasteful, plain black underwear was worn underneath. Going more down the sexy route was a very sheer black floor-length dress (worn with a navy blue blazer sitting on the shoulders) that made the black bra worn underneath very visible. Still, though, it wasn’t wholly distasteful.

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Pronouncing the trickiest names in fashion!

We read the names and know and love the clothes. But can we pronounce all of the names of our favourite labels? Because fashion is an international thing, there are often some names in the fashion industry that look odd to us. Hopefully if you’ve ever been confused about how to pronounce the name of a designer or label then your problems will be solved after reading this little guide which will teach you how to pronounce some of the trickiest names in fashion! If I’ve missed any out and you’d like to add to this list, please leave a comment on this post!
Andrew Gn = Andrew jen
Ann Demeulemeester = ann de-moo-le-mee-stir
Azzedine Alaia = az-a-dean a-lie-ya
Balmain = bal-ma (“ma” as in “magic” rather than “march”)
Burberry Prorsum = bur-berry p-roar-sum
Charles Anastase = charles anna-stars

Christian Lacroix = chris-tee-an la-kwa

Comptoirs des Cottoniers = con-twar day cot-on-yay
Eley Kishimoto = eel-ee kish-ee-mow-toe
Falke = fall-ka
Giambattista Valli = gee-yam-bat-easter var-lee
Gianfranco Ferre = gee-anne-fran-ko fair-er
Giuseppe Zanotti = ji-sep-ee za-not-ee
Hermes = er-mez

Herve Leger = her-vay lej-air

Hussein Chalayan = who-said sha-lie-on

Jean Charles de Castelbajac = je-on sh-arl de cass-tell-bar-yak

Loewe = low-ev-aye

Maison Martin Margiela = may-son mar-tan mar-gel-a

Marchesa = mar-key-sa

Narciso Rodriguez = nar-see-sow rod-re-gez
Ohne Titel = own-er tee-tal

Proenza Schouler = pro-n-sa shoe-ler

Ralph Lauren = Like the name Lauren (which rhymes with ‘foreign’), rather than ‘le-ron’, if you know what I mean!
Roksanda Illincic = rock-sand-der ill-in-ch-itch
Salvatore Ferregamo = sal-va-tor-ray fer-ray-gah-mo
Thierry Mugler = tea-air-ee moo-glay

Yves Saint Laurent = eve-san-lor-ron

I compiled most of this list myself, but I did consult the rest of the internet when it came to the really tricky names that I had no idea how to pronounce myself!

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My Fall 2010 RTW favourites: Balenciaga

There are so many words that I could use to describe Ghesquiere’s latest RTW collection for Balenciaga… innovative, intruiging, interesting. Exciting. Smart. I could go on, but instead I am going to keep things short and sweet by saying that I completely adore this collection. And why wouldn’t I? There is an eclectic mix of textures, colours and styles. It is all very interesting. The pieces in this collection are the kind of pieces that one drools over whilst gazing through a shop window, too scared to go inside but too absorbed by the wonderful craftsmanship and attention to detail that it is impossible to walk away after a few seconds of taking in the view. Oh yes, these are pieces to enjoy. I can tell that Mr Ghesquiere enjoyed making this collection.
Then there were the colours that I loved: the cool blues and tangerines and pinks. Especially the blues. And then, as if it couldn’t get any more exciting, there were geometric prints. These hinted at the fact that this was a rather futuristic collection; instead of using more traditional (and should we say dull, after seeing this collection?) techiniques, the garments in this collection were evidently created using a wide range of new technology, hence the exciting new techniques we witnessed here.
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Everything in my life is going wrong at the moment, hence the lack of updates to this blog.


When I sort my head out and cheer up a bit, I will update Innocuous Whispers. But, right now, I am not in a good place. I’m not going to whinge on and on about how awfully unhappy I am feeling, but I would just like to tell you all that I feel like crap. I am a bloody mess.

Speak to you all soon,
love G

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Duty Free Spree!

I just went to the Duty Free. No fake tan was purchased but to compensate i bought YSL Faux Cils mascara, Estee Lauder Sumptuous Mascara (because I’m going to need it at some point), Vogue Paris, Vogue UK and a tube of Lacasitos, which I assume are the Spanish, less tasty equivalent to Smarties. I shall be occupied on the plane.

I also have a pair of cat eye sunglasses which I just snatched from a table in the cafe. I did wait for about 40 minutes before deciding to snatch them. OK, I’m a thief…

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I’m back and I wish to become a fake tanner due to the lack of a real tan on my sodding limbs

Hello bellas,I am back. Well. I am currently at the airport, once again choosing to frustrate myself with the sham that is the WordPress for iPhone app. Ah, I’m too harsh on this app, at least it allows one to post to one’s blog when one is unable to use one’s computer. Anyway, obviously, my short lived love affair with warmer climes has ended with a bang and I am quite sad, really, as I don’t have much of a tan. My skin is like my mother’s though; although I have acne-ridden, crappy skin that I will get resurfaced when I have money, I also have the kind of skin that tans easily. You wouldn’t have thought it as I am very pale. My sister, who has slightly darker skin than me, with more rosy undertones, burns every time she’s in the sun. I have yellow undertones (apparently). Does that make me tan more easily? I don’t know.

Although I like the idea of being an English rose, sporting the pale and interesting look but, let’s face it, everybody looks better with a tan. Even famously pale beauties like Dita von Teese and Tilda Swinton could rock a tan if they so desired.

Perhaps it’s time to slap on the fake tan. Fake it until you make it, right? That’s what was said on Glamour Models: Mum and Me on BBC Three the other night (we have Sky in our house in Spain). Fake it until you make it. So, until I get a beautifully golden, natural tan, I’m allowed to go against all things I once said about faking a tan, and go out to buy some St Tropez, right? Right? I might just pop over to the Duty Free now and see if expensive Tan in a Can is less expensive here than it is back in Blighty. I need a mascara fix, anyway.

Hasta luego!

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Where can I buy Luella clothes?

Does somebody want to tell me the answer to that question? I know that Yoox stock some Luella pieces, generally from SS09, as do The Outnet. And the occassional gem comes up on eBay, but they aren’t usually in a size that will fit me. If I could get my hands on some sample-size garments then I would be in heaven. I now wish I’d taken advantage of the sale on Luella.com before it ceased trading and bought the super-cheap floral shorts and a lovely skirt. I was even contemplating buying that divine lilac one-shoulder dress to wear for my prom. Of course I’d have to save for a while in order to get it, but I was willing. That was my favourite dress from Luella Spring Summer 2009.
And I wish I’d purchased a North South Peony bag! It saddens me to think that I missed all of my Luella-purchasing oppurtunities.
There is a second-hand designer clothing shop in one of the towns I rarely visit because it’s so scummy en general. But, about a month ago, a pair of size 14 Luella alphabet trousers, which I consider to be quite iconic, appeared on the shelves in said designer shop for only £40. They will never fit me in a million years, but I really am tempted to buy them just because they’re Luella. I know I’ll kick myself, anyway, when I go into the shop one day to discover that somebody has bought the trousers.
Oh, Luella… why did you have to disappear? I love Luella. The clothes aren’t groundbreaking and not really considered high-fashion, but I don’t care; the clothes are quintessentially British and are exactly my style.
When I am older and I am a success story with tons of cash, I will own a huge collection of Luella clothes. I will dedicate my life to collecting the beautiful, quirky, feminine garments that I lusted after in my teens. One day I will wear that one-shoulder lilac number. Just watch this space.
Anyway, I’m going to quickly swerve off topic because I AM GOING TO MARRAKECH TOMORROW. And then Spain. I am not prepared at all, but that doesn’t worry me. I only work effectively when I’m under pressure, which is why I always leave things to the last minute. Well, that and the fact that I am lazy and a very good procrastinator. But I’m not procrastinating today- oh no- I am spending the day with my boyfriend. I am doing a quick post from my iPhone while he’s gone to the supermarket to get something to eat. I need to spend as much time with him as possible this summer because he’s off to UCL this year to study maths. Clever boy.
Anyway, I shall go now and get on with something, er, more productive.
You’re all beautiful. xxxo xxxo
PS I chickened out at the hairdressers’ and didn’t go full-on blonde. In fact, I didn’t change my colour at all. Danilo says that I’m a wimp, which is sort of kind of 100% true. After all, I cried the first time I had my legs waxed. That’s me, the pathetic one.
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