I don’t think I have ever created a post about jewellery, which seems a bit odd considering the fact that I am such a fan of the stuff. I think of jewellery as a very personal thing. Every piece of jewellery that I wear tells a story so if anyone asks me where I got my bracelet/ring/necklace from, I am able to tell them exactly when I got it, who it was from, and what the story behind it is. So I have cheap bracelets that my friends have bought for me from various destinations all over the world, as well as more high-end pieces- like the YSL Arty Oval ring from my parents- and vintage pieces from my mother’s jewellery box, and more sentimental pieces, like a necklace from my grandmother and a bracelet from my boyfriend. I’m not the kind of person who goes out and buys her own jewellery. I have brought bits and bobs from Topshop in the past, just to throw on for a night out, but all of the pieces that I wear constantly have some sort of sentimental value… some sort of memories hidden beneath them.
Having said that, I don’t think I’ll go for the rest of my life without buying expensive jewellery for myself. At the moment, I am basically skint so I need people to buy everything for me (not only jewellery, but basic things like train tickets, food, new tights and drinks et cetera), but when I am older and I am obviously going to be filthy rich, I shall be able to indulge myself from time to time.
So, here is my jewellery wish list, if you like. I’m kind of hoping that Danilo or my parents/grandparents will see this and then will buy me something featured here for Christmas.

Iosselliani, Iosselliani / Nikki Montoya, Akong London / Eclectic Shock / Maria Zureta
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  1. jimmy says:

    makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

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