My FW 2010 RTW favourites: Basso & Brooke

You probably saw it coming: the point at which I remind you all- one again- that I am all for prints. Prints excite me, blah blah blah, you already know that. It will probably not come as a surprise, then, that the main reason that I am writing a post dedicated to Basso & Brooke’s latest collection is that I loved the prints. I always love Basso & Brooke prints.  This wasn’t the most groundbreaking of collections, but what it did provide was a very welcome burst of colour and pattern.

One of my favourite pieces was a parka, but of course it was no ordinary parka. Forget a fur-trimmed hood and dull khaki shades- this parka had a fur collar and wowed me with its crazy, colourful all-over print. So cool. There was also the it item of lust that almost every fashion house worth its salt showed this season- a camel coat- which at Basso & Brooke was a rather simplistic, collarless number. The said coat was one of the few solid pieces featured in the show, which I thought were a nice antithehis to the abundance of prints… there should have been more solid pieces, in my opinion, to balance out the collection more. The ongoing theme within this collection was to take simple pieces and to jazz them up with prints so they were more desirable. And guess what? It worked. I would be much more inclined to buy a wonderful printed shift dress from this collection than I would be to buy a plain shift dress from an equally desirable label.

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