I’m back and I wish to become a fake tanner due to the lack of a real tan on my sodding limbs

Hello bellas,I am back. Well. I am currently at the airport, once again choosing to frustrate myself with the sham that is the WordPress for iPhone app. Ah, I’m too harsh on this app, at least it allows one to post to one’s blog when one is unable to use one’s computer. Anyway, obviously, my short lived love affair with warmer climes has ended with a bang and I am quite sad, really, as I don’t have much of a tan. My skin is like my mother’s though; although I have acne-ridden, crappy skin that I will get resurfaced when I have money, I also have the kind of skin that tans easily. You wouldn’t have thought it as I am very pale. My sister, who has slightly darker skin than me, with more rosy undertones, burns every time she’s in the sun. I have yellow undertones (apparently). Does that make me tan more easily? I don’t know.

Although I like the idea of being an English rose, sporting the pale and interesting look but, let’s face it, everybody looks better with a tan. Even famously pale beauties like Dita von Teese and Tilda Swinton could rock a tan if they so desired.

Perhaps it’s time to slap on the fake tan. Fake it until you make it, right? That’s what was said on Glamour Models: Mum and Me on BBC Three the other night (we have Sky in our house in Spain). Fake it until you make it. So, until I get a beautifully golden, natural tan, I’m allowed to go against all things I once said about faking a tan, and go out to buy some St Tropez, right? Right? I might just pop over to the Duty Free now and see if expensive Tan in a Can is less expensive here than it is back in Blighty. I need a mascara fix, anyway.

Hasta luego!

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