Where can I buy Luella clothes?

Does somebody want to tell me the answer to that question? I know that Yoox stock some Luella pieces, generally from SS09, as do The Outnet. And the occassional gem comes up on eBay, but they aren’t usually in a size that will fit me. If I could get my hands on some sample-size garments then I would be in heaven. I now wish I’d taken advantage of the sale on Luella.com before it ceased trading and bought the super-cheap floral shorts and a lovely skirt. I was even contemplating buying that divine lilac one-shoulder dress to wear for my prom. Of course I’d have to save for a while in order to get it, but I was willing. That was my favourite dress from Luella Spring Summer 2009.
And I wish I’d purchased a North South Peony bag! It saddens me to think that I missed all of my Luella-purchasing oppurtunities.
There is a second-hand designer clothing shop in one of the towns I rarely visit because it’s so scummy en general. But, about a month ago, a pair of size 14 Luella alphabet trousers, which I consider to be quite iconic, appeared on the shelves in said designer shop for only £40. They will never fit me in a million years, but I really am tempted to buy them just because they’re Luella. I know I’ll kick myself, anyway, when I go into the shop one day to discover that somebody has bought the trousers.
Oh, Luella… why did you have to disappear? I love Luella. The clothes aren’t groundbreaking and not really considered high-fashion, but I don’t care; the clothes are quintessentially British and are exactly my style.
When I am older and I am a success story with tons of cash, I will own a huge collection of Luella clothes. I will dedicate my life to collecting the beautiful, quirky, feminine garments that I lusted after in my teens. One day I will wear that one-shoulder lilac number. Just watch this space.
Anyway, I’m going to quickly swerve off topic because I AM GOING TO MARRAKECH TOMORROW. And then Spain. I am not prepared at all, but that doesn’t worry me. I only work effectively when I’m under pressure, which is why I always leave things to the last minute. Well, that and the fact that I am lazy and a very good procrastinator. But I’m not procrastinating today- oh no- I am spending the day with my boyfriend. I am doing a quick post from my iPhone while he’s gone to the supermarket to get something to eat. I need to spend as much time with him as possible this summer because he’s off to UCL this year to study maths. Clever boy.
Anyway, I shall go now and get on with something, er, more productive.
You’re all beautiful. xxxo xxxo
PS I chickened out at the hairdressers’ and didn’t go full-on blonde. In fact, I didn’t change my colour at all. Danilo says that I’m a wimp, which is sort of kind of 100% true. After all, I cried the first time I had my legs waxed. That’s me, the pathetic one.
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2 Responses to Where can I buy Luella clothes?

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