Take a Look(let) at This

… I just keep coming out with these hilarious lines today. What can I say? I’m a genius.
Anyway, I wanted to tell you all about a fun website I’ve discovered that will undoubtedly pull in hoards of fashion-lovers over time. It’s called Looklet and it a bit like Polyvore (in that it lets you create many dreamy outfits), but here is the fun bit: you put the clothes on a model. No, it’s not similar to one of those crappy dress-up doll games for 6 year olds, with cartoon clothes and models. The models look lifelike, and there are a wide range to choose from (although they all have the same svelte figure, which I find fault with as some outfits need girls with big boobs to fill them out, and some outfits need girls with no curves. And some people who sign up for Looklet might want to put an outfit on a plus-sized woman instead of one of model proportions), and you can tweak their hair and make-up a bit, which is fun.
It’s really good, though, to see what clothes from the internet look like on a real model. Unlike Polyvore, you cannot “clip” clothes yourself and them use them on the site, but there is a wide range of clothes (that are all available to buy online, I believe) to use so one can’t really complain.
After putting a look together, and viewing it from different angles if you wish, you give a title to the look and then it goes through the “shooting” process. I think the idea is that you are styling a model for a fashion shoot, to be published in a magazine, so when you save your look it “shoots” alternate angles and then neatly gives credit to all of the items you’ve used in the top corner. The finished product, indeed, looks like a page from a shoot featured in Vogue. Much better than Polyvore because everything looks realistic!
Here are some of my looks:

I’ve not created many looks yet because the broadband at my house is very poor at the moment (we’re getting it from BT soon, though, hurrah) and consequently Looklet takes a-g-e-s to load and I lose patience with it. Bloody internet.
I want to see all of you on Looklet, too! Befriend me on Looklet! You can view my page here: http://looklet.com/user/465070
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