Summer Sunglasses

The population of Britain went mad last week as temperatures suddenly rose, leaving us all a bit flustered and a bit paranoid about flashing our pasty limbs. Shorts and skirts (without tights!) were tugged out of wardrobes while jeans and jumpers were shoved back in. The summer had begun. Well, sort of, because it has been raining for the majority of this week and the weather isn’t set to improve in the near future.
I was particularly pleased about the onset of heat for many reasons, but I think the main one was the fact that I would finally be able to flaunt my beloved collection of sunglasses without looking like a wierdo, parading around in them while it’s windy and rainy just because they look pretty.
Oh, yes, I love sunglasses.  I wouldn’t say they were my favourite accessory but I love them nevertheless. The only reason they’re not the favourites are because not all of them suit me. I suit big sunglasses. Preferably round ones. It was such a shame when I tried on some Ray Ban Clubmasters last year and, unfortunately, they did not suit me. I really love Clubmasters; so much so that I secretly curse those who pass me on the street, wearing them and looking bloody gorgeous. Damn them. Lucky people.
I have many pairs of sunglasses. Some are expensive, some are cheap and some are borrowed. I have designer pairs and vintage pairs and high street pairs and pairs from Camden Market. My favourite pair? It has to be my timeless Ray Ban wayfarers; black 2140s with a 54mm lens. I also have some 52mm lens tortoiseshell wayfarers, but the black ones are (slightly) bigger and better and they go with everything.
I have silver Ray Ban aviators, too, but they’re a bit small for my liking so I don’t wear them that much. I love Ray Ban, though. Next on my shopping list are the Ray Ban Cats 1000, which have a retro feel and come in some pretty colours. A girl in sixth form has them in a bright pink shade and they look gorgeous…

But it’s not only pricey pieces I’m after. Oh no. You can’t beat the great British high street, can you? Feast your eyes on these lovelies:

£15, Topshop.
£18, Topshop Unique

£16, Urban Outfitters

£18, Oasis

Although those really are divine and you don’t need more expensive sunglasses, if you’ve got the money, well, you may as well spend it.
Tom Ford sunglasses are currently just a dream in my world (hopefully they will become a reality for me some day). The chicness and the craftsmanship just makes Ford’s glasses superior. Also worth the splurge: the complete Linda Farrow for Alexander Wang collection, Miu Miu’s 11LS, Prada’s 21LS and D&G’s 3058 sunglasses.
How does one choose sunglasses that suit one’s face? Well, you need to look at your face shape. Go here to determine your face shape, and then go here to find out which styles of sunglasses will suit your features the best.
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