Topshop Make-Up!

Topshop make-up is here! About a fortnight before its release, I received, as usual, an e-mail from Topshop. Normally I admire the things in the e-mail, but that’s it. However, this e-mail was different because it was not advertising new clothes. No. It was advertising Topshop make-up! Oh wow. What a brilliant idea; I’ve been waiting for Topshop, my favourite high-street brand, to release make-up for ages, so when they broke the news to me that my dreams were going to come true, it was amazing. Just amazing. And when I saw the packaging, I almost cried with happiness. Then I got a grip of myself and realised that crying over cosmetic packaging was a pathetic thing to do.
The packaging is gorgeous. I love the minimalistic, monochrome designs that give the impression that somebody has just drawn on those lovely little stripes and spots with a marker pen. I don’t even care if the make-up formulas themselves are great. They are only cheap cosmetics after all; the formulas are never going to be Lancome or Laura Mercier standard… but who cares? Not me. The packaging is enough to make me want to buy it all. Topshop have done a fabulous job of drawing us all in with the aesthetically perfect packaging alone.
Another thing I feel I must mention is that this isn’t just a pathetic make-up collection. There are a vast range of products on offer, all sporting on-trend shades and all at pocket-money prices. There are even limited edition “trend collection” products for the more discerning Topshop customer (like moi) to snap up before they disappear.
I will definitely be purchasing products from the collection. I know, you’re probably wondering why I haven’t got around to buying any Topshop make-up yet seeing as I am so enthralled by it. Well, this is the problem with living in the middle of nowhere and having to go to school (which is also in the middle of nowhere) every day. I asked my mum to pop into Topshop on the way back from work on Thursday, but she didn’t have time. Boo. So, I am going to the shops tomorrow and I am going to buy all the Topshop make-up I can dream of (or, rather, all the Topshop make-up I can afford). I am coveting the whole collection, so perhaps I will gradually have to build up my own personal collection until I have bought it all. Tomorrow, I am planning to buy the black kohl pencil, Rio Rio lipstick, the rose lip balm and Cloud nail polish. Hopefully not everybody’s got there before me and bought it all for themselves!

EDIT: Hey guys, I was just browsing through my previous posts and it seems like the pictures that used to show up on this posts no longer show up! So here are some new pictures of the Topshop make-up that are hopefully going to be able to be viewed:

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